Self Defence Technique #3 – K.I.S Principle of Self Defence

The acronym for the K.I.S.Principle of self defence is Keep It Simple. The bottom line, you want your self defence techniques to be simple, quick and effective. So if you are going to look for martial arts training with self defence as your prime motivation make sure you enrol in a specific course on self defence.

If you take a traditional martial art program with this in mind you are going to be disappointed. The curriculum for most martial arts follows a set standard that starts from step one and progresses to advanced techniques. In a traditional martial arts system you will learn self defence techniques but that will not be the focus. You will perfect your martial arts self defence skills, possibly within a couple of years. More likely you will be considered quite efficient at self defence techniques if you remain very focused within five years of dedicated practice.

When your specific requirement is self defence make sure you join a club with a program that fits your requirements. The difference being, one will focus on the best methods of self defence… to continue reading about the K.I.S Principle – follow the link by clicking here.  K.I.S Principle of Self Defence

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