Saturday Mornings – Special Announcement

As most of you are aware Black Tiger Karate has offered morning Japanese weapons class for some time. With direction and supervision by Paul Y sensei, the primary focus is samurai weapons.

Effective January 2, 2018 we are very pleased to announce that Dino sensei will be starting a new karate class from 11:00 am to noon. Children and their parents are welcome to train together. Open to all levels.

To sign up for class telephone (416)749-6183  or E-Mail,

to make an appointment and reserve your spot.

Kids, if you can not get your parents motivated, you are always welcome to train at this time.


Just a reminder Saturday Class Schedule:

9 – 10 AM – Kenjutsu (samurai sword) Adults 13+

10 Р11 AM РJojutsu (short staff)  Adults 13+

11 – 12 Noon – Karate Children’s/Family Open Class