Children’s Summer Camp July 2018

Black Tiger Karate Organization July 2018 Children’s Summer Camp
2450 Finch Av. W. Unit 4 Toronto On. M9M2E9 (416)749-6183


For Children Age 5 – Age 12                                                      9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Doors open for before care at 8:30 AM After Care Starts at 3:00 PM Staff available only until 5:00 PM

Scheduled Activity – Morning Moving Meditation, Karate & Fitness, Game Time, Reading/ Story Time, Rhythm & Movement, Crafts, Martial Arts Training.

Special Guest Instructors – Teaching the Brazilian Martial Art of Capoeira

Guest artist of the Dance Company The Dance Migration teaching Samba & Afro Brazilian dance, hand drumming & rhythms.

Session 1 $270.00                                                        Session 2 $300.00
Wk1 July 3 – July 6, 2018 (holiday week)                Wk 3 July 16 – July 20, 2018
Wk2 July 9 – July13, 2018                                           Wk4 July 23 – July 27, 2018

Register For Session 1 and Session 2 savings of over 10%. Both sessions: $510.00
Register no later than June 25th, 2018. Full Payment Required Upon Registration. Register by printing out the Registration Form – Complete The Form and E-Mail to The Registration Form – Summer Camp 2018 Registration Form

No refunds will be allowed if minimum amount of campers is reached.

Note: Maximum number of campers shall be limited to twenty. Black Tiger Karate Organization  requires a minimum of ten campers in order to run the camp. Should this number not be  achieved then payment shall be refunded.

Before Care / After Care
$15 – before care / day
$15 – after care / day
$20 – before & after care / day
 must be request on the Camp Registration Form.  
Sibling Discount
$10 off per child per week, 
1st child must pay full tuition rate, discount applies to each additional child.

Before care: 8:30am-9:00am Parents must sign in when dropping off their child. 3:00pm – Children should be picked up in main room and signed-out at this time.
3:00pm-5:00pm – After care begins.  Students must be registered for after care online or parents can request by calling into the main office at 647-551-2249 if after care is needed unexpectedly due to traffic or other unforeseen circumstances. A Charge Of $15.00 Will Apply.

What should I bring to camp each day?
Water Bottle – please label your water bottle
**Lunch – Campers will provide their own lunches & beverages
All lunches should be in coolers to prevent food from spoiling
Please Note:  We do not order food, heat up food or provide utensils for campers.
Due to severe food allergies, we ask that NO PEANUT BUTTER or NUT PRODUCTS be brought to camp in lunches
Comfortable shoes
Karate Gear – uniform and sparring gear (yellow belt and up)
Nutritious Snack(s) – 1 for before lunch / 1 for after care
(Camp does not provide snack due to potential food allergies that are common amongst campers)

What should I wear to camp each day?
Everyday campers should come dressed in shorts, t-shirt & sneakers (especially if the weather is very hot). No flip flops or open-toed shoes!
Everyday campers will need to bring their uniform pants, t-shirt, belt & any other items needed for their karate classes.  Students who are new to karate will have the option of ordering a uniform and sparring gear if desired.

What NOT to bring to camp each day?
Weapons – pocket knives, swords or other martial arts weapons
Large amount of money – we ask that campers limit the amount of money they carry to a minimum
Video games – or other hand held devices
IPods – no mp3 players of any kind are allowed

Drop-off / Pick-up
All parents will sign-in and sign-out their child daily. Children do not have to be signed in if they are dropped off with the greeter.  At pick-up, all parents must sign-out their children.
If someone other than the parent will be picking-up their child we must be notified in advance by email or in writing, otherwise, we will not let the child go until a parent is contacted.  Please email our office at with at least 24hrs notice of any pick-up changes.
Walkers and bikers must have written permission from their parents before we will let them leave.

Daily Schedule:
For full day campers doors open at 9:00am – campers should be picked up at 3:00pm
Before care starts at 8:00am and ends at 9:00am.  After care starts at 3:00pm and ends at 5:00pm.
Campers should arrive at camp around 8:50am so they do not miss karate classes or other activities that start at 9:00am.
If your child is not picked up by 3:15pm, a flat fee of $15 will be a charged for extended care for that day only. This fee will be automatically billed and you will receive an electronic invoice.  No checks are accepted.
EARLY DROP-OFFS – Students who arrive prior to 8:50am will be charged the full $15 fee for before care each day this occurs.

Location:  All private lessons will be conducted on-site at the summer camp/dojo during the camp day.
Tuition:  $45 rate for 30min session
Basic Information:  times will vary based on the directors schedule.  Students who take part in the private lessons will be trained privately in a 1 on 1 setting.  Private lessons will only be taught outside of the regular group instruction times.  This is a special add-on (optional) service that parents must register for separately.  Space is extremely limited and lessons must be reserved in advance through our online e-mail booking system  Payment for the lesson is due at the time you register.

Weekly Themes:
Week 1 – Moving Mindfulness
Week 2 – Rhythm & Movement
Week 3 – Afro Brazilian Movement
Week 4 – Conversations in Sparring

**Lunches & Snacks:
Campers will provide their own lunches & beverages
All lunches should be in coolers to prevent food from spoiling

Please Note:  We do not order food, heat up food or provide utensils for campers.
Due to severe food allergies, we ask that NO PEANUT BUTTER or NUT PRODUCTS be brought to camp in lunches

Equipment Orders:
All equipment orders must be placed onsite or online by e-mail  All sparring equipment and uniform orders will be picked up at the dojo.  Please allow 2-3 business days for orders to arrive.

I love camp! Can I add another session? How much does it cost?
Yes, you can add another session if we have availability.
Contact us on site or by e-mail to enrol for an additional session of camp.  Space is limited so please remember to register early!

Camp Director: Paul Yanuziello
Paul Y sensei is a senior instructor at Black Tiger Karate & Self Defence since 2010. He holds up to Date Certificates in First Aid & CPR, High Five Training – Principles of Healthy Child Development and Healthy Minds For Healthy Children.

Paul Y sensei is currently a children’s instructor at Wadoka Academy providing a lunchtime Karate & Fitness Program for YRDSB.