High or low resistant training allows you to continuously burn calories, literally for up to 12 hours or more after your workout.  The cardiovascular workout doesn’t necessarily mean you need to intensify your jumps or run fast but adding resistance to any of your workout can get the job done. Fitness with some resistance or weight lifting is essential in maintaining your ability to live independently as you age, also slows down the effects of aging, while losing weight and keeping it off. For anyone who gets bored in a gym and finds it hard to develop a habit of exercise, this class is for you.  Looking to get various workouts in while building muscle mass? A fitness coach can help you achieve the carved look and target troubled spots. Making use of your valuable time and energy to get to your goals faster is also another benefit you achieve with a trainer. Inquire about how you can start making changes for positive outcomes and longevity.



  • Boot Camp
  • Toning, Stretching
  • Resistance & Weight Training

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