This class is designed to help everyone at any stage of fitness or level of capabilities. It may not be a matter of bulking up if you choose this class. But it is a place for everyone starting at any level who really wants to achieve many beneficial changes for their health and lifestyle. This class demonstrates that toning exercises with some resistance will produce noticeable changes physically and internally. You achieve more stamina, stable balance, positive posture by the end of each class. Make no mistake this class takes your health into consideration as you get that full body workout without compromising your energy and muscle work. All you need is 3 nonconsecutive days without compromising your energy for the rest of the day. You get the low impact cardio but burning calories with enough heart-pumping moves. Don’t hold off! Set your goals! And watch all the unnecessary fat melt away as you tighten muscles and tone.



  • Boot Camp
  • Toning, Stretching
  • Resistance & Weight Training

Pricing Plan

  • Call for pricing