Black Tiger Karate offers an open environment free from bullying and stress. We welcome everyone from gender, race, age, religion, mental and physical conditions. We pride ourselves on teaching respect with each student not for just the instructors but with one another. Training which is concentrated on strengthening core, flexibility and cardio. Our principle style here is karate but we also have kickboxing and varies resistant training techniques.  With discipline and dedication students will learn Kata’s (sequence of move to enhance your techniques and forms), self control, self-defense (offensive and defensive), and Karate history which all contribute to this art. Each class will have exercises to strengthen the condition of each student which will help for coordination, accuracy, timing, endurance and flexibility. We strengthen the mind by teaching patients, concentration, respect and also open up the mind to comprehend more then we have limited ourselves to.

  • Bully free environment
  • Represents all race religion and gender
  • No foul language
  • Various styles with a karate foundation
  • Open environment to all gender and physical conditions

The Black Tiger Karate School has been founded by Sensei Dino Ianiero. His principal beliefs has helped the community with the fundamentals he has learned over the years. He delicately has been teaching hands on with students over 3 generations and still being a positive role model for the community.

The word karate is a combination of two Japanese characters: kara, meaning “empty,” and te, meaning “hand;” thus, karate means empty hand. Adding the suffix -do (pronounced “doe”), meaning “way,” i.e., karate-do, implies karate as a total way of life that goes well beyond the self-defense applications. In traditional karate-do, we always keep in mind that the true opponent is oneself.

Shotokan’ founder Gichin Funakoshi has said that “mind and technique become one in true karate.” We strive to make our physical techniques pure expressions of our mind’s intention, and to improve our mind’s focus by understanding the essence of the physical techniques. By polishing our karate practice we are polishing our own mentality. For example, eliminating weak and indecisive movements in our karate helps to eliminate weakness and indecision in our minds–and vice versa.

“The one who strikes first is the lesser man” Gichin Funakoshi

  • Want a change don’t wait for change to happen make the move
  • Take a first step and we guide you into the path

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