In these classes we start with a good warm up and stretching to prevent injuries from any non-active muscles. We have a higher expectancy in respect and in effort from these students for achieving the best results. Building strength with-in your core, growing your flexibility for speed, accuracy and relaxation is key for a good foundation in our teaching.

In this class environment we understand that some students will enter at different stages and levels. We assess each individual and build not just on the strong attributes but as well on their weaknesses. The classes have a full understanding of respect, restraint and control as we use our skills in class. We structure these classes not to just learn blocks and punches, but to use them interactively with one another. Mature students will be taught higher and more complicated self-defense technics that should be use only when required.
As you become stronger and more knowledgeable in many more restraints and counter active offensive/defensive movements we except discipline and respect.
Attendance is important to have any growth in any of our students.

We work harder to strengthen core and endurance while learning 3 elements for karate – “Kihon” (Basics) we teach the foundations of defensive movements of blocks and counter movements from high blocks up to flying kicks. – Kumite (engagement) we create an environment and situations where the basics can be applied and teach how to react properly in many different occasions. – Kata (Form) this is where the student must show discipline and learns to do the movements in sequences to perform before their piers and instructors. In the adult classes we push the conditioning, concentration and understanding of Martial Arts to create a higher enlightenment to be achieved.



  • Kihon
  • Kumite
  • Kata
  • Self confidence
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Self Control

Pricing Plan

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